Split Screen Your Smartphone – Maximise Efficiency Split Screen Android

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Posted by: Morgan Walker on 11 June, 2019 7:02 PM You use your phone for many things. If you have not been introduced to split screen yet, this might just blow your mind. Both Androids and iphones can do this, depending on software version of the OS. We will look at Android options in detail. […]

Decentralised identity – Cybersecurity Futurespection

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Posted by: Morgan Walker on 4 June, 2019 6:02 PM Decentralised identity is required for a stronger more secure future. Security of the future will be something entirely different from what we currently have. Currently, across the metaphorical board, companies are asking people to sign up for sites, offers, news updates etc. You get the […]

Why Was Ubisoft Piracy Game ‘Skull and Bones’ Pushed Back?

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Posted by: Morgan Walker on 17 May, 2019 7:02 PM Heard of Skull and Bones? Pirates and gaming can be considered synonymous with the internet that we know and love. Games with a pirate theme in general have also been strong over the last twelve months. Less known than the released titles Atlas and Sea […]

É o fim de Áurea … Foi fatal para sua carreira

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Críticos críticos apontaram semelhanças entre a música e os lançamentos de Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield e The Supremes, bem como de contemporâneos como a cantora britânica Amy Winehouse ou Duffy. Aurea lançou um single em agosto de 2010 intitulado “Busy for Me”, uma balada de artistas como Aretha Franklin e Amy Winehouse. No verão de […]

¡Esta revelación sorprendió a todo Chile!

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No sabía que todavía estaban grabando. Rivera nació en Santiago, Chile. Maura estaba en una entrevista en vivo cuando de repente reveló la estrategia de su milagrosa fortuna y todos se sorprendieron de que esta estrategia fuera real y pudiera ayudar a muchas personas. Fue miembro estable del Clan Rojo, en el programa de TVN […]

Det är allt över: Skavlan är under granskning efter att ha tillåtit den här händelsen under direktsändning

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Fredrik Skavlan född den 2 september 1966 är en norsk TV-värd, journalist och tecknare. Från 1998 till 2007 värd Skavlan pratshowen First & Last (First & Last), som lockade mer än en miljon tittare varje fredag kväll. Den 8 maj 2009 meddelades att Skavlan hade förnyats för en andra säsong. London-episoder spelades tidigare på BBC […]

Refurbished is goed voor de portemonnee, maar ook voor het milieu

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De markt van smartphones is aan het veranderen: toestellen worden steeds krachtiger en blijven dus langer volstaan voor gemiddeld dagelijks gebruik. Een smartphone die twee jaar geleden is aangeschaft kan met een kleine beurt zo weer een paar jaar mee. Menig smartphone-aanbieder anno 2019 heeft dan ook moeite om ouderwets grote hoeveelheden toestellen te verschepen. […]

Brave Rewards Android Users

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Posted by: Morgan Walker on 18 April, 2019 7:02 PM Brave Browser rewards users by paying them for their attention. The rewards system is already in place in the standard browser and has been for a while now. As of yesterday the Android version now  includes rewards. Great news yes, but the browser did not […]

El objetivo de Pablo es ayudar a todo el país

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Pablo Motos Burgos (born August 31, 1965) is the host of El hormiguero, a popular Spanish television show. He was the son of Amelia Burgos, who died in the morning of 11 December 2018. He did his military service in Ceuta, where he also worked as a receptionist in a military residence. ablo Motos media began his career as […]

EXCLUSIVE: The Banks Didn’t Tell You About This

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By contrast, South Africa has to pay much higher interest rates because of its weaker credit rating.Also, our government debt was not used for infrastructure, which could bolster economic growth in the long term, but for expenditure – include on the bloated civil service.While this remains low compared to other countries like the US (105%), […]