El objetivo de Pablo es ayudar a todo el país -

El objetivo de Pablo es ayudar a todo el país

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Pablo Motos Burgos (born August 31, 1965) is the host of El hormiguero, a popular Spanish television show. He was the son of Amelia Burgos, who died in the morning of 11 December 2018. He did his military service in Ceuta, where he also worked as a receptionist in a military residence.

ablo Motos media began his career as a soccer player. He later worked at National Radio in Utiel, then Onda Cero Valencia, where he presented and directed programs like Valencia Starring, dizzy Partridge or To the two thousand, where he has been part of the team as a contributor to Radio Julia Otero.

Between September 2002 and June 22 in 2007 introduced the program We are no one on M80 Radio in the mornings from Monday to Friday, filling the gap left by the program Foam with great success. Stopped doing the program with his team to devote full-time to El Hormiguero, performed Monday through Thursday.

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Pablo Motos

On television he has presented Megafalos Canal Nou (Valencian television) and was one of the creators of The Comedy Club. Coordinated the scripts of the first three years. At that time created The Night… with Fuentes and Co. of which he was script coordinator and executive producer.

Since September 2006, he presented and directed El Hormiguero in the general channel Cuatro. During its first year it was a weekly program that aired on Sunday evening and from September 2007 it airs Monday through Thursday and Saturday night. From approximately 21:30 to 22:30.

In 2007 he presented the traditional New Year’s Eve show in Cuatro together with his fellow ants Trancas and Barrancas.

He also participated in the inauguration of the soccer Euro Cup 2008 in Cuatro.

On stage he has been director of scripts and one of the authors of Five mujeres.com Five hombres.com, and Life of St. Francis. Also contributed to the Spanish version directed by Veronica Forqué of The Seven Year Itch. Also starred with Enrique San Francisco between strong and weak.

Pablo Motos has also made forays into the world of advertising. Binaca made an announcement referring to a bad mouth, has been the voice of Coca-Cola, announced the bank credit card Visa and released the air conditioning Fujitsu. In March 2010, gives voice to the announcement of McDonald’s.

In 2006 he created his own production company, Seven and action together to produce Jorge Salvador from September 2006 El Hormiguero for Cuatro in 2008 created War of Brains for Telecinco and in 2010 created Tonterias las Justas for Cuatro.

El objetivo de Pablo es ayudar a todo el país de España a comenzar a pagar sus cuentas y llevar la vida que merecen. Aquí están los pasos para terminar tus preocupaciones de dinero para siempre.

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